Questions to Ask Before You Finish Your Basement

Questions to Ask Before You Finish Your Basement

A finished basement is a big project—-and an overwhelming one. There are so many possible options for your basement, and an urgency to the project: it’ll be so exciting once it’s done! However, as much as you want it done, don’t start finishing your basement until you ask yourself these questions.

What do we need out of our basement?

An important part of a basement finish is the planning process, including determining the purpose of your basement. Decide a primary purpose for your space, and any other functions you need in your basement. Here are a few ideas to choose from:

Entertainment room.
Basement bar.
Craft room.
Rec room.

Diagram your space, or ask a contractor to do so for you. If you have any mechanicals in the space (i.e. furnace, pressure tank, etc.),

talk to your contractors for ways you can hide the mechanicals or work them into your plan.

How much space do we need finished?

Depending on your budget or the functions you want included in your basement, decide how much of your basement needs to be finished. You can leave part of your basement unfinished if you want to save funds or leave an unfinished area for storage.

Can we take on the project as a do-it-yourself job or should we hire a contractor?

The next step is to decide whether to tackle your basement finish yourself or to hire a contractor for the project. If you want to hire a contractor, ask around for contractor recommendations. Screen your contractor carefully with these questions, and don’t hesitate to ask for ideas.

What is the process to get a building permit?

Securing a building permit is an important part of any home project, so be cautious about hiring a contractor that says a permit is not necessary. Talk to your local town or village clerk or contact your county office about the process and cost so you can enjoy your new finished basement.

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