Do I need insulation in my attic?

Do I need insulation in my attic?

Insulation is what most people think of when they think of warmth, but insulating your home is more than that. In addition to comfort, insulation also lowers your energy bills and prevents ice dams.

How do you know if you have enough insulation in your attic?

If you want to know if you have enough insulation, head to your attic. Look across the joists to see if you can see insulation. If you can see any joists, you need to add insulation. It’s not unusual for insulation to settle in some areas while there is enough in other areas; add insulation as needed or

contact a contractor to insulate as needed.

What level of insulation is the right amount of insulation?

EnergyStar recommends 10-12 inches of insulation above the joists in your attic. There are a few different kinds of insulation that can be added, either as a DIY project or by a contractor you trust. Insulating your attic also comes with a bit of caution: when insulating, make sure that the insulation does not extend to the edge of the roof.

How else can I improve the energy efficiency of my home?

In addition to adding insulation to your attic, there are other ways to lower your energy bills and keep your home warm, including:

– Replacing drafty windows;
– Caulking holes around windows and doors;
– Installing efficient furnaces;
– Reversing your ceiling fan direction;
– Not using space heaters;
– Insulating around energy outlets.

If you have any questions about insulating your home, contact a contractor who can inspect your home and take the necessary steps to keep you warm without paying for it.

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