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“What can you do?” This is a loaded question, especially at Conger Construction. Twenty-five plus years of experience has resulted in a long list of Conger Construction services. The short answer is, “almost anything!” The long answer is a list of projects we’ve completed over the years (though this list is not completely inclusive). The best way to decide if Conger Construction is right for your project? Review the list or contact us (via phone or Facebook) to see if your project is one of the services that Conger Construction can complete for you.

  1. Installing new windows
  2. Remodeling kitchens
  3. Remodeling bathrooms
  4. Restructuring downspouts
  5. Building decks
  6. Installing new exterior doors
  7. Installing new interior doors
  8. Removing chimneys
  9. Finishing basements
  10. Adding wet bars to basements
  11. Replacing countertops
  12. Moving laundry room to main floor
  13. Remodeling bathroom for customer with mobility issues
  14. Repairing garage door damage
  15. Adding insulation to attics
  16. Repairing water-damaged areas
  17. Building gazebos
  18. Replacing outdated stair balusters (once with removable hardware for removing items from a basement!)
  19. Adding crown molding to a room
  20. Replacing a window with a patio door
  21. Remodeling home office
  22. Adding pet door to home
  23. Building steps for garage
  24. Adding grab bar to elevator
  25. Updating business office
  26. Restructuring downspouts
  27. Adding new bathroom to basement
  28. Building shelves for basement
  29. Replacing HUGE commercial countertop
  30. Repairing and replacing rotting wood from the porch

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