6 BIG Small Basement Ideas Perfect for Your Space

Don’t cross those finished basement design ideas off the list yet. Small basements don’t need to feel small, especially when homeowners use these creative solutions (or ask their contractor for other small basement ideas).

Plan a basement layout that efficiently uses space.

The first step in finishing a basement is to plan a layout that uses the space well. Start with a list of wants that you want from your basement, such as a rec room, craft room, theatre space, home gym, or laundry room. Many of these purposes can be incorporated into a basement, though the space may need to be multi-purpose. Start with a first draft of the plan, and don’t hesitate to ask a contractor for suggestions. They may have small basement ideas that you haven’t considered.

Add a removable staircase for easy access.

If you’ve ever had to squeeze a couch around a tight corner, you understand the importance of a removable staircase. A removable staircase can be detached when moving in large objects and furniture, but provide a secure railing when needed. These staircases can be useful and stylish, adding another element of décor to a compact space.

Think open concept.

Barriers can make an already small space look smaller. When designing on a small basement layout, try to plan a space with few walls. Instead, consider using half walls that can separate a craft room or home gym without making the basement look small. To further enhance the feeling of openness and space, complete the look with neutral colors and décor that make the room look light and airy.

If you do divide, use French doors.

French doors are an easy way to divide a room while still maintaining an open feel. If there is a window in the room, the glass of French doors allow light into other areas. For times when privacy is needed, window treatments can be added to separate the spaces.

Choose lighting that doesn’t take much space.

When floor space is at a premium, consider lighting that doesn’t take up much space. Wall sconces, wall-mounted task lighting, and recessed lighting are just a few types of basement lighting that can provide lighting without using up a lot of floor space. A contractor can give you ideas for small basement lighting options that fit the space and budget.

Include a basement bar that fits the space (and your needs!)

A basement bar is a great addition to any basement, both for entertaining and convenience. In a small basement space, plan on including a bar that fits the space but has a full range of features and storage.

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