Counteracting Opinions with Countertop Facts, Part II

Counteracting Opinions with Countertop Facts, Part II

We knew our countertops were outdated when watching a home design show. At first we were thrilled when we noticed they had the same countertops as us! Our excitement faded, however, as the host ranted about how the countertops were in need of an upgrade because they were so old.

Then we started looking at options, options and more options. The more we searched, the more options we found. That’s why this post is aptly titled “Part II.” Last time, we gave you the pros and cons of three of the most common countertops: laminate, solid surface and wood. Now we get into the pros and cons of their stone and stone-looking counterparts&helip;


• Pros: This popular stone option is everywhere! Every granite countertop is unique, with different colors and veins. Granite wears very well, and is not susceptible to scratches.

• Cons: Although gorgeous, granite countertops need to be sealed regularly, and can absorb liquids and stains if not sealed properly. Also, expect to pay for granite because of its popularity among consumers.


• Pros: This countertop is no-maintenance—it doesn’t need to be sealed—and the look is consistent and beautiful! You can also throw out your trivets, you won’t need them anymore.

• Cons: All those pros come with a high price tag.


• Pros: This material is pretty with a unique look that definitely screams style!

• Cons: The price, and fact that it can scratch easily because marble is very soft. Certain fruits and liquids can also damage the surface.


• Pros: Contrary to your immediate image of a boring sidewalk, concrete countertops can be customized to give your kitchen a really different look. They are also fairly durable if sealed properly.

• Cons: They need to be sealed and are not 100% tough. Oils and moisture can make the counters look sloppy, and they can stain.

Once you’ve done your homework, and are ready to install the perfect counter top in your Wisconsin home, contact Conger Construction. We’ll give you a free estimate and a quality counter top job that you can enjoy for years to come.

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