Counteracting Opinions with Countertop Facts, Part I

Counteracting Opinions with Countertop Facts, Part I

Tired of your old countertops? Do your counters look like they have been through a battle with a kitchen knife? Or like they have sat too long in Wisconsin’s recent polar vortex?

It’s easy to get intimidated by all the new countertop materials available—there are so many options we had to split this subject into Part I and II so we could give you everything! Here’s a few of the most common countertop material options, and the pros and cons that can make your search through the options bearable:


• Pros: Laminate countertops are durable with a capital D. They come in a variety of colors and deliver the best bang for your buck.

• Cons: They look the price and can be susceptible to scratches and water damage.

Solid surface

• Pros: Not as expensive as granite, but worth the value. Solid surface can come in any color and is extremely durable. Because they are manufactured, you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

• Cons: Compared to laminate, it may seem that you have to pay a premium for these countertops. Do your homework to pick the kind of solid surface countertop that fits your lifestyle.


• Pros: This is not your mother’s faux butcher block. Wood counters today come in rich colors and can be used as an eye-catching focal point.

• Cons: Wood counters require regular oiling so they don’t dry out.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re looking for a stone or stone-like option, check back on for Part II. Once you’ve done your homework, and are ready to install the perfect counter top in your Wisconsin home, contact Conger Construction. We’ll give you a free estimate and a quality counter top job that you can enjoy for years to come.

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