4 Fall Home Repairs that Can’t Wait

4 Fall Home Repairs that Can’t Wait

We hate to use the ‘w’ word, but there is no doubt that winter is coming. The leaves are starting to turn, the temperatures are starting to drop, and (for some) the holiday countdown has even began. No one can deny that winter is coming, and with it the cold temperatures, ice, and weather that can wreak havoc on you and your home.


Drafty windows are more than an inconvenience; broken seals and damaged windows are inefficient, escalating utility bills in winter and causing wood damage around the windows. Damaged windows also don’t function properly, causing other problems. One of our clients had windows that iced over and, eventually, had mold grow on them.

Contact a window installer to replace a damaged window or install new windows before the snow flies.

Gutters/Water Drainage

As important as good water drainage is during the summer, properly working gutters are just as important in the winter. Ice dams occur when water melts on your warm roof and freezes on your gutters or roof. Water builds up behind the ice dam, potentially leaking into your home and causing significant damage. Before winter comes, make sure you clean the gutters (or have guards installed over the gutters) and replace damaged gutters that could cause more problems.


Inadequate attic insulation can cause ice dams and increase winter heating bills. It is also a fairly inexpensive home repair, but one that does have some urgency to prevent problems when the temperature drops. Don’t wait until there is a problem;

have a contractor inspect your attic and add insulation as needed.


Rotting wood, missing and warped shingles can cause water damage to structural beams and interior rooms. A close visual inspection can prevent expensive repairs and save a lot of time and effort. Don’t wait until the leaks start; inspect the roof and have repairs made before the shingles are covered in snow.

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