Awesome Finished Basement Room Ideas & Tips

basement room ideas

A finished basement can be anything you want it to be, but it’s hard to choose when there are so many basement room ideas. How can you ever choose between all those finished basement ideas? This list of ideas and tips can narrow down your options and give you a vision (and practical tips) for the ultimate finished basement you can enjoy all year long.

Bedroom Ideas

There are so many ideas for the perfect basement bedroom. A bedroom is an ideal space for a window seat, especially if there are pipes or plumbing in the slab that needs to be worked around. 

For a large return-on-investment, plan on finishing the space into a bedroom and bathroom. Even if the bathroom is small, adding a bedroom and bath adds value to a home.

Many basements have ceiling ducts or pipes that need to be worked around. Consider turning spaces around the duct or pipe into extra bedroom storage (such as a closet that doesn’t require adequate head space).


  • Always make sure there is a large enough window in the space in case of a quick exit during an emergency. Some localities require a window for that purpose.
  • If the basement is humid, use a dehumidifier to remove excessive humidity and prevent mold growth.
  • Always make sure that the room has adequate heating for the occupants. If there are HVAC vents, check to see if they are open to keep the room comfortable. Underfloor heating (radiant or electrical) can also keep a basement bedroom cozy.

Home Gym Ideas

A home gym is a space that can be as finished—or as unfinished—as needed. For a softer workout, consider adding a flooring that minimizes the impact on knees and backs. There are a few options, such as rubber flooring.

If headspace is an issue, consider leaving the ceiling unfinished. This basement idea helps with room for a full workout, but may not help with sound. Add extra sound proofing to the room (and possibly in between ceiling trusses) so other family members aren’t bothered by the sounds of a good workout.


  • If any workout equipment needs to be plugged in, talk to a contractor about ensuring that there are enough outlets in the space.
  • Always measure home gym equipment to ensure there is adequate headspace and room for a workout.

Home Theater Ideas

A home theater comes with a lot of considerations, but this a finished space with a lot of potential. A home theater can be a room with the most comfortable couch or a deluxe space outfitted with movie theater seating.

If plush movie theater seating is at the top of the list, consider building platforms for the chairs. This gives everyone the best view and makes the room feel like an authentic movie theater. 

A home theater wouldn’t be a theater without a screen or large television. When planning the space, always choose a wall that would be the perfect location for the theater screen.


  • Never plan a theater room without thinking about sound. This can be accomplished with soft flooring and sound panels.
  • If there are windows in the space, invest in window treatments that darkens the space and provides the full theater effect.
  • For a ceiling mounted projector, decide the best location early on in the planning process; this allows for planning that ensures all the electrical and cabling is installed before drywalling.

Basement Bar Ideas

This basement room idea is the ultimate rec room, man cave, or the perfect home winery or brewery. A wet bar is the ultimate addition to any basement, especially when outfitted with custom features perfect for entertaining with friends and family. For the most impact, set the space apart with a feature wall, sports sign, or custom décor behind the wet bar.  


  • If plumbing is needed, make a plan (with a trusted finished basement contractor or as a DIY project) so the plumbing can be incorporated seamlessly into the bar.
  • Before building a wet bar, choose the right size for the space and party size. 
  • For a stress-free basement bar, consider flooring options that are not prone to water damage. Carpet, vinyl (plank and tile), and porcelain and ceramic tiles are all durable basement flooring options.

Game Room Ideas

A game room is a basement room that that can be outfitted for kids and kids-at-heart. This basement room idea can be an expansive arcade room or a cozy gaming system area. For younger gamers, the game room can feel like the ultimate rec room with games, gaming systems, and toy storage.


  • For a more grown-up space, plan a finished basement project with adequate outlets for games (or gaming systems).
  • If speakers are needed, include them in the plan as soon as possible for optimal positions and wiring.
  • A kid game room wouldn’t be complete without durable flooring that can handle the messes, such as carpet tiles and vinyl plank. Carpet tiles can be pulled up and replaced if the flooring spills are really bad. 
  • If kids are on their knees a lot, add underfloor heating or area rugs for a comfortable surface for playing.
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