24 Kitchen Renovation Questions to Ask Before You Swing a Hammer

A new kitchen is an exciting idea! It’s also one that can turn into regret IF you don’t do your due diligence during the planning process. Before you swing a hammer or take out a wall (as tempting as that might be), ask yourself the questions that can help you plan a dream kitchen free of regrets:

- What is my budget for the kitchen renovation?
- What do I hate the most about my kitchen?
- What do I hate the least about my kitchen?
- Do I want to change my kitchen floor plan? Are there any major structural changes I want to make (i.e. removing walls, soffits, or posts)?
- Are there any parts of the kitchen I want to keep (i.e. flooring, cabinets, etc.)?
- Am I keeping my appliances (new sizes may impact the floor plan)?
- What kind of look do I want in my new kitchen (i.e. rustic log cabin, bright and airy, etc.)?
- Are there any system upgrades that need to be made (i.e. electrical, adding gas line or plumbing, etc.)? (This may add to the budget.)
- Do I want to add a peninsula or island to the kitchen?
- Can I take the project on as a do-it-myself job (full or partial)? If not, have I contacted contractors for a quote?

If the answer to the last question is a contractor, contact reputable contactors for a free quote. Ask friends and family for recommendations; make sure that they are recommending a contractor that has done work for them. When you contact a contractor, ask them these questions before hiring them:

- How long have you been in business?
- Who will be applying for permits for the project?
- Have you done this kind of project in the past? Can you provide references?
- What is your projected start and end date?
- Do you have any ideas that can make the project better or functional?
- What do you normally do to minimize damage and messes while you work?
- When should we pay you? How do you normally handle payments? Will we get a receipt?
- When will I hear from you again? How will you send the quote?
Be wary of any contractors that ask for a large down payment up front or can’t provide references. When it comes to remodeling, experience counts.

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