Tips that Get your Home Repaired after an Insurance-Worthy Disaster

Tips that Get your Home Repaired after an Insurance-Worthy Disaster

An “oops” from a car running into a garage door. A pipe that breaks. A flooded basement. There are a million different home repairs that need to be done after an accident; one of our recent clients even had problems from a leak in their refrigerator’s ice maker. When you’re facing one of those unforeseen disasters, use these to get your home from disaster to “wow, we can’t even tell you had a problem!”

Document the problem.

Pictures and documentation are an essential part of every home insurance claim. Take pictures of the damage from many different angles to document the damage and show your insurance company the extent of the repairs that need to be made. Organize all the paperwork and pictures as you go through the process; your insurance company may make additional requests as you go through the process. ALWAYS keep copies of everything: pictures, quotes, correspondence from the insurance company, etc.

Don’t wait to call your insurance company.

As soon as the water has been turned off, or you’ve taken other steps to stem the damage, contact your insurance company. Depending on your insurance, you may be able to call your insurance company directly (as opposed to calling your agent)—even during evening hours.

Be picky about your contractor.

There are definite benefits to choosing a contractor who has experience working on projects that involved an insurance company. One clear benefit is their experience and knowledge; often these contractors have worked directly with insurance companies in the past and are familiar with their process and requirements. Next time you are facing a potential insurance claim, don’t hesitate. Grab your camera, your phone to call the insurance company, and the number of an experienced contractor so you can get your repairs started and done.

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