Summer Home Projects to Start Planning Now

Summer Home Projects to Start Planning Now

On the coldest of Wisconsin days, it can be hard to even imagine that summer is coming. But as all Wisconsinsites know, the warm summer days do come (eventually!)—and no one wants to spend all those fun summer days slaving away on home projects. A small amount of planning now (while it’s cold out) can lead to some fun days enjoying the fruits of your planning&helip;as well as swimming, grilling out, hiking, and all those other summer activities. Before the temperatures rise, start thinking about and planning your summer home projects.


Your deck can be whatever you want it to be: a backyard hang out spot, a private spot big enough for your hot tub, or an entertaining space large enough for your friends and family. Decide the purpose of your new deck, how large of a space you need, and what is the right material for the new deck. There are several options: pressure-treated wood, cedar, and composite. If you don’t know,

contact a contractor for their recommendation for your project.


If you’ve been dealing with the cold drafts of winter for the past several months, start making plans for new windows that’ll save you money and make you more comfortable through summer and winter. Contact contractors for quotes, researching your options for windows, and get a date for a summer installation set.


A concrete patio is a maintenance-free investment that doesn’t have to look like a concrete pad. Today’s patios can be stamped and stained to give it a warm and inviting look. Right now, you can plan out the size and look of your new patio so you can get a new one patio poured and finished when the temperatures rise.


If a fenced-in yard is on your summer wish list, take steps now to make it a reality as soon as the ground thaws. Decide what area you want fenced in, the height of the fence, and what material can give you the look and function you need.

Contact a contractor for their suggestions and to get on their calendar so you can enjoy a fenced yard this summer.

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