Spring Cleaning for Windows?

Spring Cleaning for Windows?

Technically, it’s spring (even if our Wisconsin temperatures don’t always reflect that!) and people across southeastern Wisconsin are opening their windows at any sign of warmth. We’re also digging out cleaners and rags as we start spring cleaning our homes after another Wisconsin winter.

As you are performing one of the most common spring cleaning chores, cleaning your window glass, don’t miss the opportunity to maintain the peak efficiency of your window longer. Window maintenance is simple:

• Inspect your windows carefully. Are there any signs of moisture in between the seals? Are there gaps between the window and window frames?

• Any small holes around your window are your home’s enemy. Water leaking into those holes will lead to mold and structure deterioration. For small gaps between the window and window frame, apply caulk to seal up holes and keep water out.

• If you have wood windows, check the wood for rotting. If you do find rotting, remove the rotted wood with a screwdriver and seal the damaged areas with epoxy putty. Once the putty dries, sand and paint the window.

• Repaint windows every few years. Water-based acrylic paint will keep your window from peeling. Be careful not to paint moving parts, as this will cause the window to stick.

• Remove mold with bleach and water. Make sure that you dry the surface after you have applied your water-bleach solution, so water does not sit on the window.

• Clean all moving parts. Remove debris and dust from your window tracks to ensure that your window functions optimally for years to come.

Window maintenance is important! Proper maintenance will lengthen the life of your windows, and regular inspections ensure water is not coming in and alert you to problems. If you need assistance with your maintenance, or your inspection reveals a damaged window that needs replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us at Conger Construction.

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