Patio or Deck? Use these Pros & Cons to Decide

Patio or Deck? Use these Pros & Cons to Decide

It’s one of our favorite Wisconsin past times: a good back yard cook-out around the grill with your friends and family. But before you can start planning your next backyard grill out, you need the perfect location for it. Should you put in a patio or deck? What’s the best option for your home?
We’ve had experience with both, and we’ve put together a list of pros and cons for each option that can help guide your decision. To find out the cost of your new patio or deck,

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Concrete Patio

Modern concrete patios are not the dull, cold, colorless surfaces they used to be. Today’s patios can be stamped and stained to look warm and inviting.

Pros: Affordable, Can be stamped and stained in a design of your choosing, Long-lasting, Positive selling feature for resale

Cons: May need periodic resealing, Can crack, Needs a significant amount of preparation, Can feel cold under foot

Wood Deck

A wood deck can be whatever you want it to be; wood decks can be designed for entertaining, as a pool surround, or as the perfect spot for a hot tub.

Pros: Affordable, Can be stained in a color of choice, Can choose from a large selection of railing materials and color, Can be built on a back yard or above a room or yard, Positive selling feature for resale

Cons: May need periodic coats of stain, Can warp or stain, May not last as long as concrete or composite

Composite Deck

Composite decking is the newest decking material that looks new for many years. Available in a variety of colors and textures, composite decking can withstand any kind of weather and comes with its own set of hardware different from traditional wood decks.

Pros: Long-lasting, Does not need any maintenance, Comfortable under foot, Positive selling feature for resale

Cons: May fade over time, Uses different hardware than traditional decks that may complicate building, Most expensive decking material

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