Looking for Inspiration to Finally Update Your Bathroom Vanity?

update bathroom vanity

The vanity of your bathroom is an important piece both aesthetically and functionally. Let’s first understand what a bathroom vanity is before we get to the juice.

A bathroom vanity is the combination of two elements; the bathroom sink or basin as well as the storage space that is below it or surrounds it. Ideally, it is the bathroom furniture whose specific design is made to hold the sink and hide the plumbing parts as well as provide storage for bathroom essentials.

The benchtop is also an important piece and it comes on top of the bathroom vanity. It comes in different materials that include cement, stone, wood, reconstituted stone, laminate and many more. A bathroom vanity can be made of different materials but mostly, the materials are water-proof or moisture resistant. This is because the bathroom is one of the wettest rooms in a house.

You may be thinking of remodeling your bathroom and don’t know where to start. The vanity is pretty much the centerpiece of the bathroom, so a good start is to update a bathroom vanity. We’ll give you a quick remodeling step by step and offer inspiration for different styles to try.

How To Update Bathroom Vanity

There are three simple and straight-forward steps to update your vanity:

1. Repaint

Painting is a simple task that does wonders to space and can give new life to your vanity. If you’re in need of a bathroom vanity makeover, this is a nice start. To make your life easier when painting, it’s best to remove the shelves, doors, and countertops.

Fill the holes with putty and sand it to give you a smooth painting surface. Add to the vanity by installing pull-out storage baskets and wire shelving for organization.

2. Add a Modern Touch

If you still want to go a step further, then get a contemporary-styled faucet. Install a new sink and faucet before lowering the countertop. Make sure the water supply is completely turned off before installing a new faucet.

You can also add a new light fixture and mirror to bring fresh lighting to your bathroom. You should also turn off the power supply before changing the light fixture.

3. Install a New Countertop

Why not go the extra mile and get a whole new countertop altogether? A granite countertop could give the vanity a high-end feel.

Whatever material and color you choose, make sure it is one that makes you happy. Before you lower the countertop into place, make sure that you apply a bead of adhesive to the base of the vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Remodel Inspiration

Below are a few more stylistic points that may inspire you to redo bathroom vanity:

Pop of Color

As mentioned earlier, color does a fantastic job of bringing new life to a room. You can go beyond repainting your vanity and going with a whole new color scheme. Bring in pops of color that are bold and trendy into your bathroom.

The color theme you settle on will guide the cabinets, wall area, and even faucets. Look for different color inspirations to help you get that that vibrant bathroom you desire.

Floating Vanity

Go all out and give your bathroom a sleek look. A floating vanity not only opens up space in your bathroom, but it also reduces the messy look and you have more access to the cooling and heating vents. The traditional vanities have a way of making your bathroom look stuffier than it is.

The floating vanity is a breath of fresh air and gives you that modern and minimalist look. A floating vanity can make a small bathroom look bigger and can also be a showstopper in a large bathroom.

Fill It Up

If you have a narrow sink space, then installing a wall-to-wall vanity will do your bathroom justice. It makes use of each and every inch of limited space you have in your bathroom while still remaining stylish and doesn’t leave your bathroom feeling stuffed.

Corner Vanity

Small bathrooms struggle with space. Based on where your current vanity is positioned, you may not be too happy about bumping into your vanity that keeps getting in the way.

Why not completely move the vanity and have a corner vanity? This will save you floor space and add more room to wiggle around. It’s not only a functional change but a very stylish one at that.

Create a Contrast

Your bathroom may need a wonderful contrast to make it stand out and your vanity is the best bet to give you that. Study the hues in your bathroom and see how your vanity can create that design contrast.

If you have a white bathroom, disrupt the angelic tone by pairing a dark and bold cabinet with a white countertop. The elements will be stunning and you will get the much-needed contrast.

Repurpose Furniture

Remember that old dresser that you don’t quite use anymore? Give it a facelift by changing its knobs and getting a paint job done.

You can repurpose it to use as your vanity cabinet. The drawers give you more storage space for your toiletries and towels. The sink bowl can be placed above the dresser for a modern touch or you can cut a hole on top and install a sink into the dresser.

Let That Sink in

Remodeling is fun and has a way of injecting new life into your space. It may seem like such a huge step to renovating your whole house so start small; one room at a time.

There’s no rush, so work with a pace that’s comfortable. Take on the challenge and always have an expert on board to advise you and help you turn your ideas into reality. Keep reading our blog to find out more tips and information on how to update bathroom vanity or renovate any other part of your home.

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