How much do new windows cost?

How much do new windows cost?

Window material

There are three common materials to choose from: wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each material type has pros and cons, including price. Wood windows are beautiful, but do require maintenance to keep them looking new. Vinyl windows do not need maintenance and cost less than wood, but many do not care for the look. Fiberglass is the most expensive, but is more energy efficient than vinyl.

Number & size of windows

The number of windows you want replaced, and the size of each window factors into the price. There is also additional cost if you want a larger window than what is in your house now, because of additional labor and materials for framing.

Kind of windows

There are two common options for windows: casement and double hung. There is no difference in price between the two kinds of windows, unless you want to replace your double hung windows with casement, or vice versa. Because of the differences in standard sizes, there are additional materials and labor involved in the conversion.

Window Features

There are a number of window features that can increase (or decrease) the costs of your windows, such as the number of panes and energy efficiency. Likewise, different sizes of windows with unique features, such as a bay or special shape window, can increase the overall cost. To get the full price of your replacement windows,

contact a contractor for a free quote.

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