Holiday Home Gift Ideas that Keep on Giving

Holiday Home Gift Ideas that Keep on Giving

Looking for a big gift for your significant other, parent, or grandparent? If you’ve been wracking your brain for ideas, we’ve got a few suggestions for gifts that last more than a night—a lot longer than any fruit basket or sweater. And depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, or the amount of family members chipping in for your gift, these home projects can be very affordable gifts.

Man Cave

Does your significant other or dad want nothing more than a space to watch the big game or do “man things”? Give them what they want this Christmas without making them have to do any of the work. Hire a contractor to hang shelves for their collectibles, finish an area in the basement for watching the big game, or install a bar for hangouts with their friends.


A mudroom may not sound like the most glamorous project, but to the busy mom in your life, a mudroom is a pretty exciting gift. The bonus is that, depending on the state of your current porch or mudroom, hiring a contractor to build shelves and benches, hang hooks, and create shoe racks can be an inexpensive investment that keeps giving through the winter and spring onslaught on snow pants, jackets, and boots.


It’s a bathroom, we know. But a bathroom can be a pretty thrilling gift in the right circumstances: 1) for a parent or grandparent who wants to stay in their home but has an unsafe bathroom, or 2) for a girlfriend or wife who needs a bathroom they can relax in.


Do you have a gourmet chef in your life that deserves a kitchen that matches? Or a family member who has a kitchen that is falling apart? Give them a new kitchen, or at least some affordable upgrades that can make that kitchen bearable. They’ll think of you whenever they cook in their kitchen.
To get an estimate for your gift, contact a contractor to get the process started for your very special gift. You, and your gift recipient, will be glad you did.

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