Door 101: How to Buy a New Entry Door

Door 101: How to Buy a New Entry Door

Terms to know when purchasing a door

Buying the most energy-efficient, or most beautiful door, means nothing if you don’t buy a door that works with your entry way. Here are the terms to know when looking for a door for your home:
Inswing: door swings in when you open it from the outside
Outswing: door swings out toward you when opening from outside
Sidelites/sidelight: windows on one side of the door or on both sides of your door
Have more questions about choosing the right door, installing a new door, or installing a different door?

Contact a contractor with questions.

Wood vs. Fiberglass vs. Steel

– Wood doors can be divided into two categories: solid wood and solid wood core. Solid wood core doors have foam insulation in the middle, giving them an insulating value of R-5. Solid wood doors are strong and sturdy, and give you a beautiful first impression and added curb appeal. Wood doors do need regular maintenance over the life of the door, so expect to do some refinishing work or to hire a professional to keep your door looking gorgeous. Wood doors are typically more expensive than fiberglass or steel doors.

– Fiberglass doors tend to be energy efficient, built with an insulating foam core that can withstand whatever our Wisconsin weather can throw at it. Fiberglass doors have a wood-grain appearance, but won’t crack or warp over the life of the door. Fiberglass doors are very affordable, with pricing usually starting in the $200 to $300 range.

– Steel doors are strong and durable and can take anything—-anything—-our Wisconsin weather throws at it. Steel doors also have a foam core for energy efficiency. They are not prone to warping or cracking, and the cost is very reasonable, often falling in the same price range as a fiberglass door.

Entry Door Installation

Installing a new entry door takes experience for a smooth and high-quality door installation. If you have any questions about entry doors and installation, or want to get a free quote for a new door and installation,

contact Conger Construction.

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