Can I add a patio door to my home?

Can I add a patio door to my home?

Many homeowners want a sliding door or French door because of the benefits; patio doors add light to any room and access to a side or backyard. If you have a backyard pool, a patio door gives you easy access to summer fun. In terms of value, a patio door adds access to a patio or deck, which can important for resale.

The concept of adding a sliding or French door to a home can see as impassable as the solid exterior of your home, especially if its brick. That’s why we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions we hear from our clients about adding a patio door to a home—and a few questions that should be asked.

Can I replace my window with a patio door?

Yes! A patio door can be installed in any location on a house. If there is a window already there, it does help with installation. Even if there is not a window, a patio door can be added to a home for light and access.

Is it still possible to install a patio door with a brick exterior?

Yes! Obviously, a brick exterior is (literally) harder than siding. However, it can be done and usually without the hassle of finding matching siding.

What else do I need to think about with a new patio door?

If you want a patio door installed significantly above ground, you may need to discuss options for stairs or a deck to step out onto. The stairs or deck can be made out of treated lumber, which is the most affordable, or cedar, which is rot-resistant. Both options need to be resealed every few years. For a maintenance-free option, consider composite decking which is long-lasting and does not require any sealing. If you choose not to put a deck or steps outside the door,

ask your contractor to put a metal gate at the door to prevent accidents.

What kind of patio door should I choose? How much does it cost to add a patio door?

Ask your contractor for recommendations for a patio door. As you consider options for a patio door, look at the area of installation to see if there is room for swinging French doors (which open out). If not, such as if the door might hit furniture, consider a sliding door for the area.
Another consideration in the right patio door is energy efficiency. Look for doors with double or triple pane construction and energy efficient features. Some patio doors come with Low E glass, which blocks harmful UV rays and prevent fading. For aesthetics, choose between vinyl or wood doors for an option that matches other windows. If other windows in the home are wood, talk to a contractor about matching the new door to existing trim in the home. For a maintenance free option (or for homes with white trim), choose a vinyl patio door that is maintenance-free.

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