8 Ways to Add Character During a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel ideas

Sometimes it’s the smallest kitchen remodel ideas that set the heart of the home apart and make it extraordinary. This list of remodeling ideas is for homeowners (you!) who want to add touches to their kitchen that make them remarkably different and unique.

Statement sink

A kitchen sink that adds character is the true essence of form and function. A farmhouse sink or copper sink make a unique statement (though both require some additional cleaning and maintenance). When choosing the right sink, homeowners should consider any future maintenance needed and whether they need a sink with a divider for their daily use.

Custom kitchen hood

A custom kitchen hood is a one-of-a-kind statement piece that sets a kitchen apart. For a beautiful look that still functions, contact a contractor about getting a unique hood made that fits over a functional range hood.

Crown Molding

Crown molding makes any room look finished—and a kitchen is no exception. For a cohesive look, a kitchen should be finished with crown molding that matches with existing décor. Custom crown molding takes this step one step further, by adding a molding created specifically to coordinate with the kitchen cabinets and décor (including the color and look). (Some contractors can even make the custom molding in their shop.)

Unique Appliances

Today’s homeowners have so many different options for appliances, especially in terms of color and look. For a distinct look, consider appliances with a vintage look, come in a distinct color, or are commercial grade. If you already have an appliance in mind, let the kitchen contractor know as soon as possible so the cabinets can be made with the correction dimensions.

Extraordinary lighting

Kitchen lighting is an easy way to add character to a kitchen, though the lighting should also provide adequate light for daily activity. Lighting is a great way to add a pop of color or to bring a unique feel to the space.

One-of-a-kind shelving

Kitchen shelves, both floating or decorative, give you two chances to add character. Shelves should be chosen to coordinate with cabinets, both in terms of look and color. This does not mean that shelves need to match, but it does mean they should complement the pieces in the room. For an exceptional look, consider shelving with a vintage look or painted in a bright shade that draws attention.

Unexpected arches

Decorative arches add interest to a kitchen; where those arches are placed is up to you. Cabinets can be designed with decorative arches for a whimsical or elegant touch. As part of a full kitchen remodel, consider adding doorways with a distinctive arch. 

Fun backsplash

A backsplash completes the look of kitchen and can even serve as a focal point. This can be done with a unique backsplash pattern or a strong pop of color. Kitchen backsplashes can also add height to a kitchen, especially when installed to the ceiling in certain areas (like around the range hood) or in the whole kitchen.

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