7 Larger-than-Life Small Master Bathroom Ideas

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Not every house comes with a spacious master bathroom! That’s why we’ve put together a list of small bathroom ideas that fit perfectly in a tight master bathroom—and within the largest and small bathroom remodeling budget.

Corner shower

A corner shower is a great way to use space wisely while still getting the shower of your dreams! In addition to being a real space-saver, a corner shower can make a real focal point with striking tile work. For added functionality, consider a corner shower with clear glass, which makes the space feel bigger. Unfortunately, a textured or cloudy shower makes the room feel smaller. 

Creative Tile

Tilework can make a room seem larger and set a bathroom apart. A tiled wall can serve as a beautiful feature behind a vanity or make a shower look extraordinary (even in a small shower!) Tilework can also be a great way to add bold touches of color or pattern to a bathroom.

Beautiful floor

If you want to make your small bathroom seem bigger, it is best to choose one feature and choose other elements that work with it. Unfortunately, too many bold features together can make a bathroom feel cluttered. One of the best features is a striking floor that catches the eye and gives you a foundation to build off of. The best part of choosing a small bathroom floor is that there are so many bathroom flooring options: patterned tile, vinyl and tile floors that look like real wood, soft marble floors, and vinyl floors that so closely resemble stone that it’s hard to tell them apart.

Floating shelves

When every inch in a bathroom counts, floating shelves can be the perfect way to add storage and display favorite items. Best yet, a floating shelf can also be coordinated with other details so it looks like a seamless part of the master bathroom.

Extra Storage

Storage is a valuable commodity in a small master bathroom, which is why a bathroom vanity is such a big deal. To maximize the space, don’t hesitate to ask a contractor for layout suggestions that add valuable extra storage space to a small space.

Light, Light, Light

Light in a small room is the great illusionist, making the space feel larger. The good news is that there are several ways to add light to a room: a window, solar tube, or light fixture.

Laundry Chute

Even the smallest spaces can come with convenient features! When planning out a small bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate to ask a bathroom remodeling pro for ideas; an experienced contractor may have ideas you may not have considered—and be able to add them discretely and attractively!

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