4 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen (Cheaply!)

4 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen (Cheaply!)

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you make your meals, where your guests congregate, “where all the magic (delicious dishes!) happens.” With all that use, it can also easily become a run-down room that looks every minute of its age. But you don’t have to pour every penny into one of those million-dollar kitchen renovations you see on TV; instead, hire a contractor to give your kitchen a face lift with one of these affordable updates.

Refinish your cabinets.

Unless your cabinet boxes are breaking down (i.e. crumbling wood, missing pieces, etc.) or you want to significantly alter the layout of your kitchen, you don’t need to foot the bill for all new cabinets. Instead, ask your contractor about refacing or refinishing your cabinets. You have two options: painting the cabinets a new color (boxes and doors) or replacing the doors. Both options give your kitchen a whole new look; if you replace the doors, you can swap out your outdated doors with whatever look you want for your new kitchen.

Look for cost-effective countertops.

Countertops are a key component in both your kitchen’s functionality and appearance. When they start to show signs of their age (i.e. scratches, missing pieces, worn pieces, looks worn), look for cost-efficient countertops that make your kitchen look all new. Laminate countertops come in a variety of looks—including stone—that make your counters look expensive without the high price tag. Other solid surface products come with a slightly higher cost, but give your kitchen a higher end look.

Update your lighting.

One of the first things that can give away your kitchen’s age is the light fixtures. Replace your outdated light fixtures for a new, updated look. For another bright addition,

contact a contractor to add undercabinet lighting that makes a statement.

Add a backsplash.

A tile backsplash adds color and refreshes the look of any kitchen (especially when replacing an old-fashioned tile in a kitchen). This is also your chance to give your kitchen a custom look that sets it apart. To keep your project under budget, shop around for tile that looks great for a percentage of the cost or ask your contractor for suggestions. Together, you can give your kitchen a facelift that’ll get you compliments without breaking the bank.

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