4 Upgrades That’ll Make You Love Your Bathroom Again

4 Upgrades That’ll Make You Love Your Bathroom Again

Pink tiles. Cabinets that don’t close. Old flooring. Yellow toilet. Whatever your reason for hating your bathroom, the good news is that a bathroom remodel—even a small one—can make your bathroom far more desirable to you and your guests.


There are several different options that can replace your old, outdated, or leaking shower. One of the most popular options right now is a tiled shower with dual shower heads, a low step, and a glass shower door or wall. For a more budget-friendly project, a one-piece wrap around shower with a low step can give you a very nice look and function. To determine what is the right option for your bathroom,

discuss your budget and your new shower options with your contractor.

Radiant floor heating

If you don’t want to step foot in your bathroom because it makes your feet cold, radiant floor heating is a great option for your bathroom. Radiant floor heating can be installed in any home as an under floor electric mat with a thermostat. The thermostat can keep your floor at a constant temperature and allow you to turn down the temperature when you’re not using it to keep your energy bills in check.

Jet tub

We’ve met far too many people in our line of work who have dreamed of a tub with jets for a long time. If you’re one of them, a jet tub can be included in your remodel plan, or be the sole objective or your bathroom remodel. Obviously, there may be other upgrades that may need to be made with your jet tub installation, such as electrical, tile shower, etc. To make sure you don’t have any expensive surprises,

ask your contractor to include any possible upgrades or repairs when they give you a free quote.

New vanity & countertop

Are your cabinet doors not closing properly? Are your storage options limited in your bathroom? Talk to your contractor about a new vanity and countertop. If you’ve ever wanted a double sink vanity, now is the time to discuss if that can be included in your bathroom remodel. Your contractor may have ideas that can make your dream bathroom a reality, and a

request for a free quote can get you one step closer.

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