4 Steps to Your Next Front Door

4 Steps to Your Next Front Door

Instant curb appeal. Increased comfort. More security. Light. There are a lot of advantages that come with a new front door—and a few necessary steps that you need to take to get your new entry door from the purchase to installation.

Measure and determine swing.

Before you run out to purchase your new entry door, decide whether you want to replace your door with the same size door and amount of side lights (or without sidelights). Next, measure the existing door (if you want to replace with the same size) or determine what size and amount of sidelights you want in your new door. You can also contact a contractor to measure your door. Take note whether your door swings in or out (appropriately called an inswing or outswing).

Choose the best material for your front door.

Wood doors come in two options: as a solid wood or solid wood core, which has foam insulation in the middle. Wood doors are most often chosen for their added curb appeal. Once installed, wood doors do need maintenance to maintain their beautiful appearance. Wood doors can be prone to warping, and are usually the most expensive option compared to fiberglass or steel.

Fiberglass and steel doors are the most common options chosen by homeowners. Both are extremely durable, and fiberglass doors can come with a wood grain that gives them the appearance of wood. You won’t encounter any warping or cracking with either type of door, and both are extremely affordable.

Think about design.

Now is the time to consider the look of the door. How much window space do you want in your new door (i.e. full window, side light, half window)? What color do you want your new door? Do you want frosted windows? Talk to your contractor for recommendations of design centers where you can head in and choose the right door that offers security, light, and the look you want.


Once your contractor has measured the door and your door is installed, it’s time to contact your contractor and set up an installation date. Then sit back and enjoy your beautiful new entry door.

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