4 Steps to a New Laundry Room

4 Steps to a New Laundry Room

You spend a lot of time in a home office. That’s one of the prime reasons a lot of thought should go into planning an office remodel. An office should be functional and inspire productivity, both in terms of look and light. Use these tips to plan and design a remodel that checks off all the boxes—and leaves you with no regrets when you use it.

Use the space wisely.

One of the top mistakes people make when planning an office is not making the most out of the space. Make a list of items that you need from the office, such as space for your printer and an organization system for the numerous technological cords (computer cords, charging cords, etc.) When designing a home office, draft a plan that uses every inch efficiently—especially when the office space isn’t that big. If you need ideas,

ask your contractor for ideas that they’ve seen work in other homes.

Don’t skimp on storage.

Storage is a high priority in an office, both for your technology items (i.e. laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) and office supplies. Make sure you have an adequate amount of space for all your items; one of the most efficient ways to do so is to choose cabinets that make use of horizontal and vertical space (such as floor-to-ceiling cabinets). When selecting cabinets and furniture, choose pieces that allow space for cords to laptops or smartphones.

Be strategic about lighting.

Office lighting is an important part of your overall health and productivity. Consider your options carefully. Under cabinet lighting can provide sufficient light without taking up too much desk or counter space. Adding a window to an office or positioning furniture and cabinets around a window can also provide natural lighting in the room. Certain types of lights, such as overhead lights or can lights, may require electrical work.

Mention these additions to a contractor when you request a free quote.

Don’t forget to look down.

Office flooring needs to not only look good, but also work when rolling office chairs or furniture around the room. Choose the right office flooring that functions well and is durable enough to withstand the constant traffic that comes with regular work in an office.

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