4 Signs Your Sliding Door’s Got to Go

4 Signs Your Sliding Door’s Got to Go

Mold in between the panes

If you can see green in between the panes (like we did) and it doesn’t clean off, that means the seals in your sliding door window are broken. Your door’s efficiency and view are gone; it’s

time to call the contractor to find out the cost of a new sliding door.

Security issues

Undoubtedly, you installed your sliding door to let in light, or open up a room, but that doesn’t mean you want to be vulnerable to break ins and vandalism. If your sliding door handle is not securely shutting your door and keeping possible thieves out, it’s time to think about sliding door replacement.


If your flooring or drywall shows signs of water leaks around your sliding door, such as bubbling drywalls, water stains, and warped flooring, you need to think about getting a new sliding door and having the wood around the door replaced (it’s probably rotten). If you don’t, water leaks can cause mold to grow, and permanently damage your flooring, wood around your sliding door and drywall.

Door doesn’t slide

A sliding door that doesn’t open and close properly doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it? You just pick it up a bit, or push it harder or&helip;unfortunately, a door that gives you real hassles when trying to open and close it may be a sliding door that needs to be replaced. If cleaning the sliding door track doesn’t work,

call a contractor for a free quote for replacement.

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