10 Inspiring Bathroom Renovation Ideas That Boost Your Home’s Value

Are you looking to move to a new house? Are you looking forward to making some renovations in the layout of your bathroom? Or otherwise, are you a real estate developer aiming to increase the worth of your property before presenting it to the market?

Look no further we will provide you with useful bathroom renovation ideas you can make on your bathroom that will instantly change the look and value of your home.  

The picture of the effects of renovations of one’s bathroom is still not yet clear among many individuals. You might be tempted to think that bathroom innovations only has the effect of increasing the appealing nature of your bathroom. Besides, you also get to improve the general worth of your house.

So what are the particular elements you can change in your bathroom to achieve maximum results?

1. Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Walls

As much as tiles are the most used materials of making bathroom walls, you should consider alternatives such as transparent glass wall or cloths. Such changes will make your bathroom look more modern and more appealing.

Another last aspect of shower walls that you should attend to is the material making up the door. Use of curtains is a bit outdated.

You would probably not want to be seen as the old folk among your friends when they come over to your house, would you? I bet you said no.

You can, therefore, replace the curtain doors with sleek, translucent glass.

2. Change Your Shower-heads

Replace that old school rusted steel shower head with a modern shower head. If it’s an old house that you are renovating, there are possibilities you have a simple, partially rusted overhead shower head.

If you are in the process of your building a new house, you should think beyond the obvious. Take a walk around town and look for specialized merchant stores that stack bathroom accessories.

From the available, choose a shower head that comprises body sprayers. This will not help raise the worth of the house but also help you regulate the amount of water you are using.

3. Get a Bath Tub In Your Bathroom

Consider installing a soaking tub in case you don’t have any. The area occupied by your bathroom should not be the reason as to why you should lack a wet tub in your bathroom.

There are various designs of bathtubs that are suitable even for relatively small houses. Your house will turn to be more appealing than previously hence increased value.

4. Change The Floor of The Bathroom

The bathroom floor is one of the places where creativity should reflect. Don’t just for normal tiles for the floor of your bathroom. The materials you can use for your bathroom floor are varied.

You can consider either the use of pebbles or rather a hardwood. This will add a touch of class to your bathroom hence making it look modern and of more value.

5. Install Solar Panels

It’s a trend that most people nowadays prefer houses with installed solar systems. Regardless of whether you are planning to sell the house or not, consult with the internet and find the nearest system installers and get it fixed in your house.

How awesome it is to have a hot shower without having to hurry or worry about electricity costs. Consequently, you will save on electricity bills.

A money saving house will be placed at a higher priority position compared to others without.

6. Check Into The Design of Your Storage Panels

This is among the small bathroom renovation ideas. If your bathroom space is limited, you should look forward in implementing this idea. 

I would recommend you to make use of the hanging panels. They paint a picture of a spacious bathroom. This is because these panels don’t touch or rather occupy the ground floor.

7. Build Makeup Vanity

It gets so tiring when you have to get to different places to finish up your preparation for that urgent meeting task that you are rushing to catch up with.

If you are renovating the main bathroom then this is among the master bathroom renovation ideas you should consider.

You can either have a second makeup vanity in your bedroom, but most importantly, it should not miss in your master bathroom. This will enable you to prepare from one point fully.

Such features will most definitely attract more people to your property if you intend to sell the house. 

8. Get Good Lighting For Your Bathroom

Having the right lighting system is your bathroom will motivate you to come back frequently. You might find yourself bathing more than thrice in a day. It’s not your fault but rather the good ambiance of your bathroom.

There is no complex secret to achieve this other than allowing more natural light into the bathroom. This is among the cheap bathroom renovation ideas you can think of as you will need no funds. Your good decision making skills is all you need.

9. Make Sure You Have Enough Taps

Does your bathroom have enough water taps? If the answer is something other than a strong yes, then you have some work to do on your bathroom.

Your bathroom should have enough taps at strategic places within your bathroom. You should not only have one tap serving multiple functions.

In cases where you are trying to attract prospective buyers for your house, this will be the one factor that is likely to turn them off.

10. Get Recessed Shower Shelves

You don’t want to be slipping on soaps or bottle every time you are in your shower. You should have recessed shower shelves within your bathroom to accommodate stuff like shampoos, clean towels, soaps, or any other item that you will use within such an environment. 

If you are getting into your new home, you can have the shelves customized according to the height of your items to avoid other items missing space.

Final Word

Getting yourself a perfect bathroom for yourself is not that expensive as you might be tempted to think. For less than ten thousand dollars, you get the above factors fixed.

Put in mind that some of the bathroom renovation ideas mentioned require no funds. For example, it is a matter of choice to locate your bathroom in a place where there is a flow of natural light.

If you consider the above bathroom ideas, then your bathroom, and generally your house, will be more appealing to most people and hence increase in value.

Don’t forget to visit our blog for information on how you can improve your bathroom. 

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