4 Home Projects to Start When the Temperatures Heat Up

There are some home projects that are perfect for summer; after all, replacing your windows during summer is a lot more pleasant than the middle of winter. Remember, too, that a lot of contractors are busy when the mercury rises. That’s why now is the time to contact a contractor so you can get your project started and finished.

If you have been putting up with drafty or moldy windows, now is the time to get your windows replaced and cut your energy bills. Get a quote now so you can keep your cool AC in (or to let a cool breeze in!), and the hot Wisconsin heat out.
When you only get a short time window to enjoy the warm temperatures, a deck is a must. Start laying out the dimensions for your new deck; the next step is to contact a contractor to make it happen. Consider all your needs to get an accurate cost, such as a cover to keep away the hot sun or a screened in area to keep away the mosquitoes.
Sliding doors
Patio doors are a welcome addition to any area of your home---especially when you are looking for light and access to your yard. The good news is you can add patio doors even if you don’t have a patio door in that spot now (we’ve done it before!). A contractor can give you more information on how it’s done (just ask!) and can even match the brick or siding you have now if needed.
Front Door
If your front door is sub-par or an embarrassment, summer is a great time to get a new one---without having to find a day warm enough to tackle the project. Contact a contractor to find out what kind of front door they recommend---or give them a picture of what your dream door would look like after they are done.

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