Door Replacement Essentials
Deciding when it's time to replace your door.
What will a new door do for my home?
Your exterior door is the most important piece to your Wisconsin home so keeping it up to date and doing its best can strengthen the life of your home as well as your safety in it. The average door today last about 20 years and older doors have a tendency to warp or fall into disrepair over the years. Many times, weather stripping and general wear & tear, steel doors needing new paint regularly and warped and neglected wooden doors are the main culprits to your door needing to be replaced.

However, today’s doors are pre-finished steel doors, which means the door is installed and no further maintenance is necessary, making them the perfect addition to your Wisconsin home. With aluminum frames, your new door will be weatherproof and will last you for many years to come. Peace of mind also comes easy with a good lockset and deadbolt.
Exterior Entry Door Replacement
Why Exterior Door Replacement?
Do you have a worn exterior door?
Replace that worn, drafty front door with a stylish new energy-efficient one, no matter if it's a Solid Wood Doors, Rustic Doors, Custom Wood Doors, Entry Doors or even an Interior Door installed by skilled craftsmen from Conger Construction. Exterior entry doors are the cornerstone of your Southeastern Wisconsin home.

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