Starting with the Bath
Your day starts in the bathroom so make it your own.
How do I start remodeling my bath?
Tiles are the foundation of a great bathroom. Of the hundreds of different types of tiles, the installation is the same and creates a waterproof and strong and healthy life to the walls of your bath area while also looking nice in the space. “Not much can get through a good tile job” – Larry Conger

Your new bath will also have the expertise of a plumber to make all your faucet and shower needs met. Conger Construction is proud of the relationships formed over the years with electricians, plumbers and lumber yards, so much so that Larry Conger uses the trades on his own home and has formed friendships with many of his contractors.
Water and the right bathroom cabinetry has a certain restorative quality to it.
Water and the right bathroom cabinetry has a certain restorative quality to it. Whether gurgling over stones in a brook, cascading over a falls, or lapping gently against a sandy shoreline like Lake Michigan, it soothes and sustains. Similarly, a bath environment can capture the same soothing qualities of water to create a serene, cleansing and healing sanctuary within your Wisconsin home.

Our busy and hectic Wisconsin lifestyles leave us yearning for a private place where we can truly relax and indulge. With amenities that pamper the senses and design elements inspired by luxury spas, bathroom environments are being transformed from the mundane and utilitarian to the extravagant and luxurious. DIP into the images, SOAK in the ideas, IMMERSE yourself in inspiration, and LAVISH your private retreat with bath furniture from Dura Supreme and Conger Construction.
Customize Your Bathroom with Custom Cabinetry
Customize Your Bathroom with Custom Cabinetry
Dreaming of a new bathroom for your Wisconsin home? Whether you are building new or remodeling, Merillat and Conger Construction have all the cabinets, vanities, hardware and storage accessories to bring your custom bathroom to life. Let Conger Construction help you build your dream bathroom. Call us today for a personal consultation at : 920-923-5528

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