January 2019
01/11/2019 Finishing Your Basement? Avoid these BIG Mistakes
A finished basement can be whatever you want it to be: a workout space, family room, guest room, laundry space, extra bathroom. A recent client we had used their basement for all of those purposes PLUS a wet bar.
December 2018
12/18/2018 4 Big Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look New
Kitchens are the center of a busy home. With lots of foot (and paw) traffic, it’s inevitable for cabinets to look worn, countertops to get scratched and damaged, and for flooring to start looking their age. There is hope for a kitchen that shows its age; these kitchen remodeling ideas can bring new life to the heart of the home and make it look brand new.
12/06/2018 4 Small Winter Home Projects to Tackle Now
When we’re all stuck inside during an incredibly cold winter (like now!), it’s easy to look around our homes and look for ways to improve it. From the smallest to the largest home projects, we’ve listed the projects that can make the biggest impact on your life---without the large price tag!
November 2018
11/05/2018 4 Steps to a New Laundry Room
A laundry room may not be the most glamorous room, but it’s a room that’s always needed---and that you spend a lot of time in. Here’s a step-by-step guide to a new laundry room that’s pleasant to do the laundry in (or at least that makes you not mind doing it).
October 2018
10/23/2018 15 Great Finished Basement Ideas
One of the best things about a basement is that the space can be whatever you want and need. The possibilities are endless, and the stakes are high. Basements are notorious for flooding, ruining treasured items and all the work that went into creating a finished basement.
10/04/2018 Basement Remodel: 4 Steps to an Awesome Space
When you’re looking at a bare basement with concrete walls, it’s hard to imagine the finished basement of your dreams. But you can picture it: the wet bar, recreation room, incredible man cave, guest bedroom, additional bathroom, great workout space…the options are endless. Here’s how to turn that picture into reality, and the steps you need to go from bare basement to a finished space you can enjoy.
September 2018
09/21/2018 4 Fall Home Repairs that Can’t Wait
We hate to use the ‘w’ word, but there is no doubt that winter is coming. The leaves are starting to turn, the temperatures are starting to drop, and (for some) the holiday countdown has even began. No one can deny that winter is coming, and with it the cold temperatures, ice, and weather that can wreak havoc on you and your home.
09/05/2018 24 Kitchen Renovation Questions to Ask Before You Swing a Hammer
A new kitchen is an exciting idea! It’s also one that can turn into regret IF you don’t do your due diligence during the planning process. Before you swing a hammer or take out a wall (as tempting as that might be), ask yourself the questions that can help you plan a dream kitchen free of regrets:
August 2018
08/27/2018 4 Cheap Kitchen Upgrades that Make a BIG Difference
A beautiful new kitchen doesn’t always have to come with a big price tag. In some kitchens, a few strategic changes can turn an outdated kitchen into a modern place they want to cook and dine in.
08/20/2018 10 Home Remodeling Ideas for Folks with Mobility Issues
When remodeling, it’s easy to look at samples and make decisions for countertops, vanities, and items that are perfect for now. At the same time, it’s easy to overlook the items that can be a big help when mobility is an issue.

We’ve remodeled quite a few homes, and one of our number one tips is to make decisions that are helpful for many years. Decide on items that can make the future easier, such as wider doorways or a low curb shower unit that makes entry easier.
July 2018
07/18/2018 Ways to Add Shade to Your Backyard
If your backyard can be best described as a “desert”---even in Wisconsin---it’s natural to search for a reprieve from the hot sun. A backyard is a place to enjoy, eat, and entertain (not necessarily in that order), and a hot sun can keep you from doing all of that. Trees are a great solution IF you have the time to wait for them to grow and provide cover. For homeowners who want a more permanent solution, we’ve put together a list of ways to add (quick) shade in your backyard so you can enjoy your outdoor space.
07/09/2018 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard
Are you ashamed of your backyard? Do you feel like you can’t have people over because your backyard is a mess? Use these ideas to create a backyard you can be proud of (without breaking the bank). As an added bonus, most of these ideas for the backyard can add value to the home property.
June 2018
06/20/2018 Can I add a patio door to my home?
Many homeowners want a sliding door or French door because of the benefits; patio doors add light to any room and access to a side or backyard. If you have a backyard pool, a patio door gives you easy access to summer fun. In terms of value, a patio door adds access to a patio or deck, which can important for resale.
06/07/2018 Deck Add-Ons to Consider Before You Build
Backyard grilling is practically the official state pastime in Wisconsin. Who doesn’t love to grill a good brat out on the deck? A good grill-out isn’t complete without the perfect deck with adequate grilling and entertainment space AND a few other features we’d highly recommend.
May 2018
05/14/2018 Vinyl or Wood Windows: Which is right for your home?
When it comes to replace your less-than-stellar windows, the number one question on everyone’s mind is cost. The second question is about the new windows. Which is better? Vinyl or wood? Double hung or casement?
April 2018
04/30/2018 Does my porch need repair?
A porch is a wonderful thing. It’s a great place to relax and hang out and adds architectural interest to a home. It can also become a hazard over time to you and your guests as the wood deteriorates---sometimes without even realizing the extent of the damage.
04/18/2018 Patio or Deck? Use these Pros & Cons to Decide
It’s one of our favorite Wisconsin past times: a good back yard cook-out around the grill with your friends and family. But before you can start planning your next backyard grill out, you need the perfect location for it. Should you put in a patio or deck? What’s the best option for your home?
We’ve had experience with both, and we’ve put together a list of pros and cons for each option that can help guide your decision. To find out the cost of your new patio or deck, contact us for a free estimate.
04/02/2018 4 Decisions to Make for Your New Deck
We’re all dreaming of summer: warm weather, summer cookouts, green gardens and lawns. In the middle of all those dreams is a fantastic deck where you can relax and soak in the sun. Before you start planning your next summer cookout on your new deck, you have a few decisions to make.
March 2018
03/18/2018 Summer Home Projects to Start Planning Now
On the coldest of Wisconsin days, it can be hard to even imagine that summer is coming. But as all Wisconsinsites know, the warm summer days do come (eventually!)---and no one wants to spend all those fun summer days slaving away on home projects. A small amount of planning now (while it’s cold out) can lead to some fun days enjoying the fruits of your planning…as well as swimming, grilling out, hiking, and all those other summer activities. Before the temperatures rise, start thinking about and planning your summer home projects.
03/12/2018 How can I make a home safer for my grandparent or parent?
Making decisions about an aging family member is never easy. Changing needs and situations are a delicate situation, especially when major decisions need to be made. While the ultimate decision of where is best for your parent or grandparent is up to your family, there are steps you can take to make your parents’ or grandparents’ living situation safer---and give you peace of mind.
February 2018
02/01/2018 How far should I go when I renovate my kitchen?
When it comes to a kitchen renovation, the term can have different meanings from one project to another. For one project, a renovation can mean taking down cabinets and drywall all the way to the studs. At another home, a kitchen remodel can mean replacing countertops and flooring. What’s the right answer for your outdated kitchen? Use these factors to make the decision that’s right for your home and budget.
02/14/2018 When should I replace my windows?
Deciding whether to replace your old windows---or whether to include new windows in your home project---is only a decision that you can make. It’s also a difficult decision; new windows are not the most glamorous project but they are important. If you are remodeling your home, broken windows can also damage your new finishes (and you don’t want that!). While only you can make the decision to replace your windows, there are some clear signs that can tell you that it’s time for those old windows to go.
January 2018
01/18/2018 Small Home Projects that Make a Big Difference
Giving your home a new look doesn’t have to mean a big renovation or a huge demolition. Sometimes the smallest projects can go a long way to making your home look updated and fresh. Many of these home projects have the added bonus of not requiring a large budget.
01/03/2018 4 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen (Cheaply!)
Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you make your meals, where your guests congregate, “where all the magic (delicious dishes!) happens.” With all that use, it can also easily become a run-down room that looks every minute of its age. But you don’t have to pour every penny into one of those million-dollar kitchen renovations you see on TV; instead, hire a contractor to give your kitchen a face lift with one of these affordable updates.
December 2017
12/22/2017 What is the first step in my remodel?
Deciding to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or basement is a big decision (but a really easy one to make when you can’t stand your current room!). You want a new room, but where do you go from there?
12/07/2017 Questions to Ask Before You Finish Your Basement
A finished basement is a big project----and an overwhelming one. There are so many possible options for your basement, and an urgency to the project: it’ll be so exciting once it’s done! However, as much as you want it done, don’t start finishing your basement until you ask yourself these questions.
November 2017
11/06/2017 Do I need insulation in my attic?
Insulation is what most people think of when they think of warmth, but insulating your home is more than that. In addition to comfort, insulation also lowers your energy bills and prevents ice dams.
11/02/2017 Projects to Get Done Before Winter
It’s time to stop denying the inevitable. Our Wisconsin winter is coming, and it’s bringing all the cold, snow, and ice that does a number on our homes (and our comfort levels-brrrrr!). The clock is ticking until our first snow. Get these projects done so you, and your home, can make it through this winter without freezing (or damage from freezing!).
October 2017
10/17/2017 Where do I start planning my remodel?
Just the thought of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can be exciting---and overwhelming. Where do you start? How can you get this project started (and finished!)?
10/02/2017 Ways to Decrease Your Energy Bills this Winter
Are you dreading those winter energy bills? Or are you sick of feeling the winter cold in your home? There are ways to keep the cold out of your home so you’re only wearing your hats and mittens outside.
September 2017
09/18/2017 Tips that Get your Home Repaired after an Insurance-Worthy Disaster
An “oops” from a car running into a garage door. A pipe that breaks. A flooded basement. There are a million different home repairs that need to be done after an accident; one of our recent clients even had problems from a leak in their refrigerator’s ice maker. When you’re facing one of those unforeseen disasters, use these to get your home from disaster to “wow, we can’t even tell you had a problem!”
09/06/2017 Fall Maintenance Tips that’ll Ready Your Home for Winter
Fall is an ideal time for pumpkin pies, wagon rides, apples…and that pesky fall home maintenance. Use these tips as you tackle your fall home maintenance checklist so you and your home’ll be ready for whatever winter weather comes next.
August 2017
08/22/2017 4 Steps to Your Next Front Door
Instant curb appeal. Increased comfort. More security. Light. There are a lot of advantages that come with a new front door---and a few necessary steps that you need to take to get your new entry door from the purchase to installation.
08/10/2017 Deck Features that Set Your Deck Apart
A deck in Wisconsin is more than just a deck. It’s what we dream about all winter. It’s the site of tons of grill outs, family gatherings, and relaxing evenings. That’s why you should take special steps to plan your next deck down to the last detail---especially the details that set your deck apart.
08/04/2017 What is the best kind of exterior door to buy?
Front doors are the first thing people see when they come to your home and an important part of keeping our summer heat and winter snow out. That’s why it’s important to know your options when choosing the right exterior door for your home
July 2017
07/12/2017 12 Questions You Should Ask Your Contractor
Hiring a contractor can be one of the most difficult part of the remodeling process. That’s why we’ve put together a list of questions---both hard and easy---that your contractor should be able to answer. (Be wary if they can’t!)
June 2017
06/17/2017 4 Tips for Keeping Sane During a Remodel
You’re ready to remodel your [insert project here]! Congrats! Once you’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or redoing your flooring or deck, or replacing your windows, it can seem like the end of long road. After all, you’ve been waiting forever to get it done. The truth is that the road has just begun with decisions, remodeling dust, and all the other parts of a major remodel---all of which can make you feel a little crazy if you don’t use these tips.
06/17/2017 What kind of decking material should I use?
You’re ready to remodel your [insert project here]! Congrats! Once you’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or redoing your flooring or deck, or replacing your windows, it can seem like the end of long road. After all, you’ve been waiting forever to get it done. The truth is that the road has just begun with decisions, remodeling dust, and all the other parts of a major remodel---all of which can make you feel a little crazy if you don’t use these tips.
May 2017
05/30/2017 4 Home Projects to Start When the Temperatures Heat Up
There are some home projects that are perfect for summer; after all, replacing your windows during summer is a lot more pleasant than the middle of winter. Remember, too, that a lot of contractors are busy when the mercury rises. That’s why now is the time to contact a contractor so you can get your project started and finished.
05/18/2017 Should I repair or replace my deck?
“Do I need a new deck? Can those boards be replaced?” As much as we want for our deck to last forever, there comes a time in every deck’s life when boards need to be repaired---or the whole deck needs to be replaced. If you’re not sure which category your deck fits in (repair or replacement), here are three signs that replacement is the answer, a contractor can give you the final answer.
05/18/2017 4 Fun Deck Ideas for a Great Summer
Warm temperatures inevitably lead to one of our favorite Wisconsin past times: grill out on the deck. There is nothing like the smell of brats, burgers, and hot dogs while you relax on the deck laughing and enjoying a delicious dinner. If your current deck is not, well, suitable for any of the fun---or for anyone to stand on---use these ideas to create your next fun deck (and contact a contractor to make them happen!).
April 2017
04/21/2017 Do you need a storm door?
The answer to the question “do you need a storm door?” is not a solid yes or no. Instead, the answer depends on your home and preferences.
04/14/2017 4 “Must Do” Home Spring Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget
It’s spring. It’s not spring. It may not always feel like spring, but it’s definitely time to tackle home spring maintenance tasks. While you may not always have time (especially when you’re dodging spring snowflakes), there are four home spring maintenance tasks that you MUST tackle as soon as possible to get your home prepped for whatever weather comes next. Don’t have time? Hire a professional to start---and finish---your home spring maintenance tasks.
March 2017
03/24/2017 3 Steps to Your Next Dream Deck
We Wisconsinites love our grilling out space. Who doesn’t love a good cook out with friends and family? If you’re dreaming of warm weather (who’s not?) and a good brat off the grill on your new deck, use these tips to plan your next grilling out space.
03/08/2017 4 Home Improvement Projects to Add to Your Spring To-Do List
Spring is a great time to get all the maintenance done after a hard winter, but it’s also the ideal time to get those projects done that you’ve been dreaming about all winter.
February 2017
02/17/2017 4 Ways to Update Your Bathroom (Cheaply!)
A bathroom remodeling project doesn’t always involve a giant mess and a lot of money. There are simple (and affordable!) ways to update your bathroom on a budget. Many of these cheap updates can be a do-it-yourself project; if you’re don’t have the time or the skills to remodel your bathroom, you can choose a contractor that listens to your ideas and puts it together into an updated room you can be proud of (affordably!).
02/24/2017 4 Home Projects that Can Make Your Aging Parent’s Home Safer
When your parent or grandparent is on their own at home, it can seem like a very large job to make their home safer; however, the reality that a few small projects can make an aging parent’s home safer---and make you feel better about them at home alone.
January 2017
01/24/2017 Is water condensation on my windows normal?
We hear the question “is condensation on my windows normal?” a lot, probably because it happens quite frequently when the weather gets cool. Unfortunately, we can’t give homeowners a clear yes or no answer; the answer depends on the window and the home.
December 2016
12/27/2016 3 Tips for a Beautiful (and Smooth!) Bathroom Remodel
One of our recent projects was a complete bathroom remodel. The homeowner wanted a complete remodel from top-to-bottom---we even removed a chimney to add more space. The result was beautiful and functional. If you’ve always dreamed about giving your bathroom a facelift like our recent client, here’s how to get from your current bathroom to a beautiful bathroom remodel.
12/27/2016 4 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Kitchen in 2017
Updating your old kitchen on a budget is a challenge, but completely possible. Use these tips to give your kitchen a new look while still keeping your kitchen remodeling costs down.
12/02/2016 The Moores: “We are really happy with our new windows!”
“The old windows in our house were so bad. They were original to the house and parts of the wood were starting to deteriorate. We had to leave a 2x4 in our daughter’s room to keep the top sash from falling down,” says Jackie Moore. “Most of the time we just left the windows closed.”
November 2016
11/23/2016 3 ‘Other’ Things to Consider Before You Buy New Windows
When your window seal breaks or you’re freezing from drafty windows, it’s easy to get so focused on “I need new windows” that it’s easy to overlook the other considerations that come with new windows. But when you need to find out the cost of your new windows, there are few factors to decide when you ask for a free estimate from your contractor.
October 2016
10/31/2016 3 Ideas for Finishing Your Basement
You don’t have to look too far into the future to see cold temperatures and snow in our Wisconsin weather forecast. If you’re like most Wisconsin families, you tend to head indoors most days---or at least after a day of fun in the snow. That’s why fall is the perfect time to finish your basement and get it ready for a winter of indoor fun with these fun finishes to your basement---or to hire a contractor to get your basement finished before the mercury dips below freezing.
10/11/2016 3 Affordable Home Projects that Dress Up Your Home for Winter
The time is coming when we’re all going to be stuck inside because of the ‘s’ word (snow-sorry). That’s why it makes sense now to fix up the rooms that we’re going to be enjoying all winter. Dressing up your house doesn’t have to involve a full remodel (though sometimes that old kitchen or basement needs it); sometimes a few simple additions or replacements can give your home a whole new look---and can be affordable too!
September 2016
09/16/2016 Fall Home Maintenance Tips: Where to Start this Autumn
When the leaves start to change and our Wisconsin temperatures drop, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your family and home for the winter. Though the fall home maintenance checklist isn’t very long, it does take time that you don’t have---especially when the clock is ticking to the first snow fall. If you don’t have time to check off all the boxes on your fall home maintenance checklist or physically can’t take on fall maintenance tasks, contact a contractor so you’re ready for the cold and snow.
August 2016
08/19/2016 4 Things to Look for In Your New Windows
New windows for your home is not a small decision, especially when the initial cost---and the money spent on excessive energy bills from bad windows---adds up over time. That’s why it makes cents (pun intended) to research your windows and use this set of criteria to ask your contractor about replacement windows.
08/04/2016 Door 101: How to Buy a New Entry Door
We all would like to believe that our front and back entry doors can last forever, but in reality that’s not always true. At some point, every homeowner has to purchase a new entry door for their home for appearance, security, or energy efficiency. Here’s what you need to know when buying a new exterior door for your home.
July 2016
07/18/2016 4 Home Projects to Tackle this Summer
Everyone’s attention is turned to outside this summer, and why shouldn’t it be? We’ve all waited SO long for the nice summer weather---and summer fun. Summer is also an ideal time for home projects too (we can hear you groan) because of the weather. Here are 4 home projects to tackle before the temperatures start to drop.
07/05/2016 4 Signs Your Sliding Door’s Got to Go
Our sliding door started to deteriorate slowly; one day there was a little bit of a cloud in between the panes. Over time, the cloud spread and turned green. Though our view to the outdoors was not clear, the message was: it was time to replace the sliding door.

A sliding door brings so much to your home: cool breezes, extra light, direct access to your outdoor space. Unfortunately, with all that exposure to weather elements comes the increased chance for deterioration. But how can you tell (for sure) that it’s time to replace that sliding door? Look for these signs:
June 2016
06/21/2016 3 Questions to Ask When Buying New Windows
Are your windows starting to show their age? Do you feel a draft coming from your windows? Can you see dollar signs blowing out the window? If so, it’s time to consider replacement windows that can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Before you rip out those old, inefficient windows, ask yourself these three questions so you can get new windows in and start enjoying a draft-free home.
06/07/2016 4 Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is a real estate term used to describe dressing up your home’s exterior. Some people add curb appeal for resale. Others take an interest in their home’s curb appeal to increase the value and appearance of their home. Whatever your motivation for improving your home’s exterior, there are four curb appeal basics you can start with that can make your home a showstopper.
May 2016
05/05/2016 What do I do about the rotting wood in my home?
Rotting wood around your windows. Rotted wood on your porch. Rotting wood on your deck. Rotted wood around your door. While the warmer Wisconsin weather brings out flowers and green grass, it also brings that nasty rotting wood in and around your home to light. In addition to an eye sore and an invitation for pests, rotting wood can also be a safety hazard for you and your guests.
05/17/2016 Casement versus Double Hung: Which windows are right for my home?
“What is the difference between casement and double hung windows?” is one of the most common questions from homeowners ready to replace their windows. The answer is construction. Casement windows are typically opened by a crank and have a continuous window pane. Double hung windows are constructed with two sashes that slide up and down.
April 2016
04/18/2016 4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows
Not sure if you need your windows replaced? Obviously, we can’t see your windows, but we can list some of the major reasons to get your windows replaced. If your problem isn’t on the list, don’t be afraid to ask a contractor to find out if you need your windows replaced.
04/05/2016 4 Tips for Keeping Sane During a Kitchen Remodel
Getting through any home project can be trying; there’s the mess, the uncertainty, the cost, the work…however a kitchen remodel adds another element of stress to the list: not having a kitchen. So how can you get through not having a sink, stove, and countertops? Here are a few tips for keeping your sanity from an expert contractor who’s been through quite a few kitchen remodels:
March 2016
03/22/2016 3 Decking Materials for Your Outdoor Project
As temperatures rise, the dreams of Wisconsinites turn to backyard barbecues on their patio or deck---or to building a deck for their next cook out. If your summer dreams revolve around inviting friends over for brats and burgers and a night out under the stars on your new deck, start by researching your options for decking materials.
03/08/2016 3 Reasons Not to Procrastinate when Replacing Your Windows
We just spotted our first robin of spring! That means it’s time to get homes ready for spring, and to start replacing old, inefficient windows that have been costing their homeowners money----one of the key reasons to replace your home’s windows.

If you’re one of those homeowners losing money---literally---out the window, don’t procrastinate in calling for a quote for new windows. Here are three good reasons it makes cents to contact an experienced contractor sooner than later.
February 2016
02/16/2016 3 BIG Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Door
Choosing the right exterior door is a big deal for homeowners, and not just because an exterior door is the first thing your guests see when they come over. An exterior door also plays a big part in the security of your home and a small role in your home’s energy efficiency. So how do you choose the right exterior door that checks off all the boxes on your door checklist?
January 2016
01/28/2016 4 Upgrades That’ll Make You Love Your Bathroom Again
Pink tiles. Cabinets that don’t close. Old flooring. Yellow toilet. Whatever your reason for hating your bathroom, the good news is that a bathroom remodel---even a small one---can make your bathroom far more desirable to you and your guests.
01/15/2016 6 Ways to Save Money During Your Remodel
Thinking of a bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodel? If you’re on a tight budget, the first money-saving idea that usually comes to mind is to turn your remodel into a do-it-yourself home project. While that sounds all well and good, we have all seen the downsides of a DIY job: the weekend project that turns into a 6-month or year job; the lack of quality due to inexperience; the small parts of the job that never seem to get done. So how can you get your new space, use a contractor to get a quality job, and stick to your budget?
01/04/2016 4 Home Projects Worthy of Your Tax Return
‘Tis the season to start compiling your W-2’s, charity donation records, mortgage interest statements…the list of tax documents could go on and on. It’s tax season. What are you planning to do with your tax return? A family vacation or new car? A home project? If you’re planning the latter, be strategic with your project; choose a home project that adds value to your home---and to your life.
December 2015
12/15/2015 Your Kitchen Remodeling Checklist
Are you sick of having kitchen cabinets that won’t close? Tired of working on countertops that have more scratches that usable surface? Sounds like you need a new, functional, and remodeled kitchen--- much easier said than done. Or maybe not. We’ve put together a checklist to help you get through the kitchen remodeling process from start to end.
12/01/2015 Holiday Home Gift Ideas that Keep on Giving
Looking for a big gift for your significant other, parent, or grandparent? If you’ve been wracking your brain for ideas, we’ve got a few suggestions for gifts that last more than a night---a lot longer than any fruit basket or sweater. And depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, or the amount of family members chipping in for your gift, these home projects can be very affordable gifts.
November 2015
11/18/2015 Tips for Creating an Organized Mudroom & Coat Closet
This is Wisconsin. The temperature is dropping, and we’re all pulling out boots, winter jackets, gloves, and all the gear that goes with our Wisconsin winters. It’s overwhelming, even if it’s all very necessary (especially on the coldest days!). The big question is: how do you organize all that gear (and the hunting clothes, motorcycle jackets, etc.)? That’s where an organized mudroom, porch, or coat closet comes in handy, if you know how to take advantage of that valuable space.
11/03/2015 4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Laundry Room
The laundry room. To some people, the laundry room is a functional space with no more value than that. To others, a laundry room is the epicenter of a busy home, and the design is critical to a functional and organized household. Every home is different, and every laundry room has to do different functions and serve the needs of your household. So how do you plan the laundry room that’s right for your home?
October 2015
10/20/2015 5 Good Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom
For most homeowners, the decision to remodel your bathroom is not an impulsive decision. It’s a decision made after years of living in (or tolerating) your current bathroom. So how do you know when it’s time to say good-bye to that old bathroom? And how can you convince other members of your family it’s time for a full bathroom remodel? We’ve listed some of the top reasons to remodel your bathroom---and some ways to convince other members of your household as well.
10/06/2015 4 Myths about Windows You Should Ignore
When it’s time to replace your windows, you want to see---and know---clearly that you’re installing replacement windows that are the best long-term solution for your home. If you don’t, the results could be disastrous: high energy bills, drafty windows, or even worse, water damage from leaks. So how do you get the best replacement windows for your home? You can help by distinguishing the truths and falsehoods of these common window myths:
September 2015
09/22/2015 4 Rooms to Update That Add Value to Your Home
Are you looking for projects that add value to your home? Do you want to update your home to build equity? Be smart. You can add value to your home, if you allocate your dollars to the right rooms. Updates such as remodeling a bedroom into an office may seem valuable to you, but gives you no return on your investment. Don’t worry, there’s still hope in four different rooms of your home. Rooms that can give you an excellent bang for your buck, and add value to your home:
09/08/2015 8 Ways to Save Money During a Kitchen Remodel
Your remodeling budget can be one of the most important---and frustrating---part of your kitchen remodel, especially when you need a new kitchen so badly. You know what we mean; when your kitchen is showing one of these signs it’s time for a new kitchen, when you have no functionality, or when it’s time to give your kitchen new life and a new look. If you’re trying to accomplish all that on a budget, we’re here to reassure you that it can be done---if you’re smart about where you allocate your money.
August 2015
08/21/2015 Fall Maintenance Checklist
It seems that Labor Day comes faster every year and we’re asking, “where did the summer go?” Labor Day is not only a signal that summer is coming to a close, it’s also a chance to get a jump start on the fall maintenance that prepares your home for winter. That’s right, whether it’s Labor Day or Halloween (or any time after that), it’s important to seize the day and get your home ready for the Wisconsin winter weather that will hit your home.
08/05/2015 Don’t come unhinged: What to Look for In a New Entry Door
Whether you’ve been planning to put in a new entry door on your home, or you’re like us, stuck with the task because of a strong wind that damaged your door, you’ve probably realized that selecting the right entry door for your home is an important task. Not only is an entry door your chance to make a good impression, but it’s got to be tough---tough enough to handle the worst Wisconsin weather. Entry doors take a lot of beatings in the way of wind, snow (thanks Wisconsin winters!), pounding rains, ice, sleet, and even attempts to breach the security of your door. So what should you look for in a new entry door?
July 2015
07/21/2015 4 Keys to a Safer Bathroom Remodel
Two years ago, we remodeled a bathroom for a senior client who needed a safer, more accessible bathroom because of health reasons and decreased mobility. The new bathroom was created from two rooms, a half bath and a laundry room. We took out the wall between and installed key features that made the bathroom safer and more accessible:
07/07/2015 10 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bills this Summer
During summer we all want to be enjoying this beautiful Wisconsin weather, and spending our money on fun activities---not on our energy bills. So where do you start cutting your energy bills this summer? The first step is diagnosing how energy efficient your home is, so you can put your money into the most effective, and necessary, repairs, replacements, and additions that can make a dent in your energy bills:
June 2015
06/24/2015 Signs Your Patio Door Needs Replacement
You can find a million articles on replacing old windows when they show signs that it’s time to go. What about patio doors? They allow in extra light, give easy access to your outdoor space and are another part of maintaining an energy efficient home. That’s why it’s so important to look for signs your patio door needs replacement:
06/05/2015 5 Projects that Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
As we prepare for another hot, humid Wisconsin summer (you know it’s coming), do you know if your air conditioned air is going to be seeping through your windows? Are your bills going to sky-rocket because of poor home energy efficiency? Don’t just sit back and take those high bills. Fight back with projects that improve your home’s energy efficiency, and lower those out-of-control energy bills:
May 2015
05/22/2015 Budget-Friendly Countertops That Won’t Break the Bank
Do you have countertops that have more scratches than flat working surface? Are you looking for a budget-friendly update for your kitchen that won’t break the bank? The good news: there are many, many, many different countertop options. The bad news: not all countertops are budget-friendly. Your first step is to narrow down your countertop options to the select few that fit within your home improvement budget and give your kitchen the updated look you want:
05/04/2015 5 Parts of Your Home Exterior You Can’t Afford NOT to Inspect This Spring
It’s (finally) spring, Wisconsin! With warmer temperatures comes time outdoors, flowers blooming and…home projects. Believe it or not, winter is not just hard on our minds (at least the end!), it’s also hard on our Wisconsin homes. While we bundle up inside all winter, the cold winds, snow and ice have wreaked havoc on the outside of our home, making an exterior home inspection a MUST.
April 2015
04/21/2015 Update your Kitchen on a Budget
Think that you can’t update your kitchen without blowing the budget? Do you believe that your kitchen remodeling budget needs to be huge to update the look and functionality of your kitchen? Not true. We’re here to tell you that you can update your kitchen on a budget and get a more modern looking space with a reasonable kitchen remodeling budget. This is especially true if your kitchen has a good lay out, and well-built cabinets in good working shape. With those two basic parts of your kitchen set, your kitchen can receive that updated look by changing a few key parts of your kitchen without breaking the budget:
04/07/2015 Home Projects & Maintenance to Tackle This Spring
Spring is an ideal time to inspect your home for any damage from our rough Wisconsin winter, and tackle those spring home projects that maintain the top condition of your home. These home spring projects, and inspections, can save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run, and keep you and your house safe from future damage:
March 2015
03/24/2015 Behind the Scenes of Conger: Kitchen Designer Leah Johnson
For more than 8 years, Larry Conger has trusted Drexel Building Supplies for his customers’ cabinets and countertops. For three of those years, he’s worked with Kitchen Designer Leah Johnson---someone he’s has nothing but good things to say about and a natural choice for an insider’s view of Conger Construction. Leah works with Conger customers to design their dream kitchen, and Larry uses Drexel Building supplies to make it a reality.
03/17/2015 5 Best “Bang for Your Buck” Spring Home Projects
Is your Wisconsin home in dire need of a redo? Are you tired of working within a broken down kitchen? Do you need updates while getting the best “bang for your buck”? If you answered yes to any of these questions, start planning now so you can ring in our Wisconsin spring with a new, fresh look and increased functionality with any of these home remodeling projects:
03/06/2015 5 Steps to Get a Kitchen That Looks Like the “After” Photo
The kitchen is the heart of the home (and the source of all delicious meals), so when your kitchen starts exhibiting one of the 10 signs you need a new kitchen it’s hard to say no to more functional kitchen. In addition, a kitchen is one of the top home projects that add value to your home. So how do you get that functional dream kitchen that looks like all the great “after” photos you see?
February 2015
02/12/2015 Behind the Scenes of Conger: Larry’s Valentine, Deb Conger
It shouldn’t be too surprising that Larry Conger’s valentine is his wife, Deb. After almost 36 years of marriage she should be, right? Deb is more than just Larry’s valentine; she is also the valentine of his company Conger Construction. Behind the scenes, Deb does the daily administrative and accounting work for Conger Construction, as well as her fair share of company phone work. So what keeps Conger Construction’s valentine going?
January 2015
01/15/2015 How to Choose the Right Contractor
When you have a kitchen ready to remodel, or a home project that can’t wait, choosing a contractor can seem daunting. How do you know the contractor is legit? How do you know that contractor can create the dream kitchen or bathroom you’ve always dreamed of? How can you find a contractor if you don’t know anyone personally? Don’t stress, do your homework. A bit of due diligence when choosing a contractor pays off big in the long run, and gives you the peace of mind you need before the hammers start flying:
01/06/2015 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home
The New Year is an exciting time with many possibilities and opportunities, so why not give your house a fresh start? Stop procrastinating on all those home projects, and jump into 2015 with a new room, the updated room you’ve always dreamed of, or a more energy efficient home that saves you money. Or finish that project that’s been in mid-renovation by making one of these New Year’s resolutions for your home:
December 2014
12/23/2014 5 Ideas to Finish Your Basement
When the Wisconsin weather gets cold or wet, or cabin fever sets in, everyone starts looking for a getaway. The answer for many Midwestern families is only steps away---the basement. An unfinished basement is a space full of possibilities, and don’t feel you have to choose just one. Consider all your options for that unfinished space, and turn your basement into one, or several, practical and fun getaways:
12/08/2014 Projects to Tackle When the Mercury Drops
The cold temperatures and periodic snow makes it official: winter has come to Wisconsin. Time to get those home improvement projects done. Though we typically think of summer as the season for home improvement projects, winter is a season with less family commitments and outdoor recreation opportunities, making winter the time to hire a contractor to get a few, important efficiency and organization home improvement projects done:
November 2014
11/25/2014 Home Projects that Make a Great Gift
Out of holiday gift ideas for that husband, wife, mother, father, brother or sister that has everything? Give them a gift that goes beyond the traditional sweater or vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s a project around the house you haven’t had time to finish, or something you know they’ve always wanted, contact a contactor who can get the project done, and deliver a year-round gift.
11/11/2014 10 Signs You Need a New Kitchen
We all love the vintage character of our kitchens, but at some point every homeowner needs to admit that the vintage kitchen is falling apart. The good news is that kitchens are one of the top projects that add value to your home. Often, replacing a few surfaces in the kitchen can give your kitchen an updated look, but there are a few signs that scream a full kitchen remodel is in order. Here are 10 signs that you need a new kitchen:
October 2014
10/28/2014 Home Remodeling Projects That Add Value
Whether you bought a fixer upper, plan on selling your house or just want to add value, know what projects offer the best return for your dollar before you pick up the sledge hammer or pick up the phone to call your contractor. Not all remodeling projects are created equal, and some projects---such as building a home office---give you little or no value. Be selective. Target your remodeling dollars at projects that give you the value that you’re looking for:
10/28/2014 Why should I replace my windows?
Imagine a world of freedom where you don’t have to install plastic over your drafty windows every fall. Or you don’t need to worry about water leaking through the gaps around those old windows. Or you won’t have problems trying to open and clean those casement or double hung windows. Or you can actually----gasp!---see out your old windows instead of a green tint. That’s the reality of new windows. When you start noticing the fatal signals of deteriorating windows and window framing, it’s time to research and enjoy the benefits of new windows:
September 2014
09/16/2014 5 Signs Your Windows Have Got to Go
Do you have to add plastic over your windows every winter? Can you feel the wind blowing through your windows? It’s hard to know exactly when to replace your windows, or which windows need to go first. But there are some very telling signs that every homeowner should see as a very clear signal that these windows have got to go:
09/03/2014 Don’t Fall Into The Trap: Ready Your Home for Winter with Fall Maintenance
Hopefully you rested on Labor Day, because the labors of home ownership never end. Fall is a crucial time for homeowners, because fall maintenance now minimizes the hassles later. Don’t want to deal with backed up gutters during a blizzard? Clean out your gutters now while the winter is warm. Here are some other maintenance projects to tackle now:
August 2014
08/05/2014 6 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Work On Your Deck
Whether you’re ripping up your old deck, refinishing that old and tired surface or adding steps or another layer to your deck, now is the right time to think about getting your decking project done. Why? We’ve got six good reasons to roll up your sleeves…and contact a contractor to take on that decking project:
08/05/2014 Fencing Options for Your Backyard
Looking for a way to keep your pets (or kids) confined? Need some privacy from your neighbors? A backyard fence is a functional and stylish way to protect your favorite family members, provide privacy and add landscaping and security to your yard (not to mention how nice it looks!).

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, selecting and installing the right kind of fence, with the features you need, requires forethought and planning. Before you build a fence that any penitentiary would be proud of, sit back and think about your fencing project before you---or a contractor---jumps in.
July 2014
07/08/2014 That Stairway Does WHAT???
We all need a safe place to store our valuables, and access to them. Hence, the recent calls to Conger Construction from two different clients both who needed storage answers. One had storage space above the garage but no way to get to it, and another needed an attractive stairway and a way to get items down the stairs for storage. And for enjoyment---ever try to get a couch down basement stairs? We’ve all seen a comical YouTube video of that feat.

The answer to our clients’ problems was…removable stairs and railing!

Removable stairs made the storage above this garage accessible, while not taking up much needed storage space below. (That means they can park
07/22/2014 Have damage to your home? You know who to call
No, it’s not Ghostbusters. And it’s not one of those lawyers on TV. If you have damage to your home from one of our recent, harsh Wisconsin storms or from a child’s (or parent’s) driving, you need the damage fixed now.

The urgency for a quick fix is both for you and for your insurance company. Many insurance companies require that you fix your home within a certain amount of days after the damage occurred.

Enter Conger Construction. Give us, and your insurance agent, a call. Once you’ve filed the claim, we work closely with you and your insurance company to get the work done quickly and at a price everyone can be happy with.
June 2014
06/17/2014 Decked out for the summer?
It’s summer in southeastern Wisconsin! The temperature is rising, sunburn is a major concern, and grills are coming out on the decks. If your deck is yielding more splinters than brats this summer, now is the time to consider replacing your deck with a new, functional and good-looking deck. The first step is mapping out the shape of the deck. Once you have dimensions, it’s time to decide what kind of material is suitable for your lifestyle---and your budget. Here are the three major options:
06/10/2014 Counteracting Opinions with Countertop Facts, Part II
We knew our countertops were outdated when watching a home design show. At first we were thrilled when we noticed they had the same countertops as us! Our excitement faded, however, as the host ranted about how the countertops were in need of an upgrade because they were so old.

Then we started looking at options, options and more options. The more we searched, the more options we found. That’s why this post is aptly titled “Part II.” Last time, we gave you the pros and cons of three of the most common countertops: laminate, solid surface and wood. Now we get into the pros and cons of their stone and stone-looking counterparts…
May 2014
05/20/2014 Counteracting Opinions with Countertop Facts, Part I
Tired of your old countertops? Do your counters look like they have been through a battle with a kitchen knife? Or like they have sat too long in Wisconsin’s recent polar vortex?

It’s easy to get intimidated by all the new countertop materials available---there are so many options we had to split this subject into Part I and II so we could give you everything! Here’s a few of the most common countertop material options, and the pros and cons that can make your search through the options bearable:
05/05/2014 We're giving away ice cream!
We're kicking off Cinco de Mayo by giving away ice cream. Simply ‘like’ our facebook page between now and June 5, and we’ll give one lucky fan a $25 gift certificate for Culver’s.
All you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook!

In addition to earning your chance for ice cream, you can also get tips for your home, the scoop on specials and inspiration for your next project from Conger Construction! Simply ‘like’ us on Facebook and watch our posts for:
April 2014
04/22/2014 Spring Cleaning for Windows?
Technically, it’s spring (even if our Wisconsin temperatures don’t always reflect that!) and people across southeastern Wisconsin are opening their windows at any sign of warmth. We’re also digging out cleaners and rags as we start spring cleaning our homes after another Wisconsin winter.

As you are performing one of the most common spring cleaning chores, cleaning your window glass, don’t miss the opportunity to maintain the peak efficiency of your window longer. Window maintenance is simple:
04/08/2014 ‘Like’ us on Facebook!
That’s right! Get tips, specials and inspiration from Conger Construction in your Facebook feed! Simply ‘like’ us at the link below and watch our posts for:

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You can also ask questions, contact us and post pictures from your project that Conger Construction is building! See you on Facebook!

March 2014
03/19/2014 Why now's the right time to replace your door
On the coldest day of our recent Midwest winter, when the wind chill was dropping to a temperature that was considered dangerous, the Facebook post said, “Time to replace our back door!”

Yikes! Are they nuts?

Nuts, yes. Alone, no. Many of us endured the draft from our exterior door this winter and recognize that it’s time for replacement. With the Wisconsin temperatures increasing, now is the time to call Conger Construction and order a new door that will keep the cool in during the summer and the heat in during winter.
03/31/2014 This Spring, Consider A Storm Door
This spring, consider adding ordering a storm door to your to do list. Storm doors have three key benefits: 1) increasing the air flow of your home in spring and summer 2) reducing the effects of the weather on your home and 3) lowering the amount of heat loss seeping through your exterior door when the temperatures drop.

If your doors are exposed to the outside weather, and you have an older, good quality door, a storm door makes sense. Storm doors add another layer of protection to your door, and can increase the life of the door. If you have a newer, high quality exterior door, you may want to do your research. New doors often achieve peak high efficiency, m
February 2014
02/25/2014 Is your money blowing out the window?
Unless you’re a meteorologist, the term “polar vortex” was probably not on your radar until this winter. We battled through the severe cold with extra layers, blankets, scarves and hats.

But many of us never consider how our home fairs during these sub-zero temperatures---until our energy bills arrive and we realize our money is seeping out of our old, low quality windows.
January 2014
01/25/2014 When Your Gutters look like the Olympics Half Pipe
If you’ve been watching the Sochi Olympics, you’ve watched the snowboarders and skiers spin and twist above the frozen half pipe. It’s an inspiring sight, fitting for Olympic competition.

However, when your gutters start to resemble the half pipe, it’s time to start worrying about more than gold medals. You need to be concerned about ice dams.

Ice dams occur when water melts on your warm roof and freezes on your gutters or roof. Water builds up behind the ice dam, potentially leaking into your home and causing significant damage.
September 2016
09/15/2016 How much do new windows cost?
This is one of the most common questions we hear from homeowners, and one of the hardest to answer. There are so many different factors that play into the total cost of replacement windows. While we can’t give you the exact price of your new windows, we can help by explaining some of the main factors that factor into the cost of new windows:
November 2018
11/19/2018 4 Steps to a New Laundry Room
You spend a lot of time in a home office. That’s one of the prime reasons a lot of thought should go into planning an office remodel. An office should be functional and inspire productivity, both in terms of look and light. Use these tips to plan and design a remodel that checks off all the boxes---and leaves you with no regrets when you use it.
February 2018
02/26/2018 How can I make a home safer for my grandparent or parent?
Making decisions about an aging family member is never easy. Changing needs and situations are a delicate situation, especially when major decisions need to be made. While the ultimate decision of where is best for your parent or grandparent is up to your family, there are steps you can take to make your parents’ or grandparents’ living situation safer---and give you peace of mind.

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