4 Home Projects to Tackle this Summer
Adding a new sliding door

If you want more sunlight or a great way to get to your backyard (and your grill!), summer is a great time to get a new sliding door to replace your window. Choose a contractor that can install your new door so that no one knows there was just a window there.
No one wants a hole in their home during the middle of winter when temperatures dip below zero. That’s what make summer (and early fall) an ideal time to get your old windows replaced and enjoy the benefits of new, energy efficient windows. The first step?
Replacing your door
If you can see the sunlight through cracks around your door or feel a draft, summer is the perfect time to get a new door installed. The weather is nice, and your contractor can take their time repairing any wood around the door that could be damaged from water. Start the process by researching door material types in
Building a deck
A new deck is a thing of beauty---and a great place to host your next grill out with friends. The first step in planning your new deck is to set the dimensions and investigate what materials you want used (composite, cedar, or pine).

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