Replacing Your Exterior Entry Door
Need-to-know basics on replacing your exterior entry door
What makes today's doors better?
Exterior entry doors are the cornerstone of your Southeastern Wisconsin home so keeping it up-to-date and safe are the most important part of your homelife. It’s easy to enjoy your new door in a matter of a day with Conger Construction.
Fiberglass Exterior Entry Doors
Fibercraft Entry Doors are one of a very few companies in North America building a complete fiberglass door system for Wisconsin's changing summer and winter weather conditions. A compression style weather-strip with a urethane jacket and foam inside is installed on both sides and across the top of the door. This type of weather-strip offers the best protection staying flexible in extreme temperature conditions. It will not easily rip or get damaged, and even if it does the weather-strip can be easily removed and replaced.

Conger Construction realizes that there is not one door manufacturer that can meet everyone's needs. Because we offer a variety of quality, superior craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service, we want you to be satisfied with your choice for years to come. Our goal is to help provide homeowners with sufficient information you can make an informed remodeling decision.
Wood Exterior Entry Doors
Wood Exterior Entry Doors
We have a wide selection of wood exterior doors, crafted in contemporary, classic, craftsman, cottage and bungalow-style leaves nothing to be desired. Choose from warm, elegant wood varieties, beautiful handmade art glass panels, and finishes to create just the type of wood door you are looking for.

If you appreciate custom-made wood products that meet your specific requirements, exceptional value for money, long-lasting performance and real customer service then make an appointment with Conger Construction today!
Decorative Insulated Entry Doors by Taylor Doors
More Than Just An Entry Door. Taylor Building Product entry doors are made of top-quality materials. Our doors are designed and engineered to give you years of trouble-free, energy-efficient service. The solid polyurethane foam core inside your Taylor Door protects your home against heat and cold. There’s no need to hide the beauty of your home's entrance behind a storm door. Taylor Building Products also offers a wide choice of optional insulating glasslites including doorlites, sidelites, and transoms to add a genuine touch of elegance without sacrificing energy efficiency. Call Conger Construction and request a free in-home consultation with a door entry expert for a custom assessment and itemized quote. Call us at 920-923-5528
Beautiful Entry Doors by Waudena
Beautiful Entry Doors by Waudena
A beautiful entry creates a dramatic first impression and a welcome focal point for your Wisconsin home. Make that first impression a distinctive one with an entry door system from Waudena Millwork. Our door systems are built with lasting value and performance using premium quality components and workmanship. When you choose a Waudena entry door, your entry doors are built by Waudena, sold, installed and serviced in Wisconsin by Conger Construction. Experience the service difference call us today at 920-923-5528
Do I Need a Storm Door For My Home?
Storm exterior doors are one of the most time honored, traditional methods of saving energy in the home. They are a classic, inexpensive, easy to install method that's going to benefit most homeowners. We will help you make sure it's the right choice for your home.

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